Website Redesign

Have Your Company Website Redesigned

If your website is out-dated you may consider a redesign of the site rather than a completely new website, typically a redesign will involve any number of the following;

  • A restructured menu system, as many sites are hard to navigate. Simplicity and consistency are the key, ideally you want your visitors to understand your sites interface as quickly as possible otherwise they may just give up.

  • Redesigning a web site to improve its ranking on search engines. This is explained further in our Search Engine Optimisation page.

  • Making your web site more accessible to as many people as possible. Everyone browses the internet using the browser and screen resolution that they find comfortable. This can also involve removing parts of the site relying on flash, or optimising image files to make your site load quickly even on a slow connection. You can read about more about accessibility in our web design compatibility section. This can also involve making your website more accessible to people with disabilities

  • Altering your website to focus on a new service or product you might offer.

  • Help structure your website in case you have an increased number of hits than it was originally designed for. We can make your website interactive, for example, by adding forums, guestbook's or setup blogs.

  • Remove parts of your website that are no longer required, often products / services that are no longer supported.

If your looking for your site to be redesigned, we are confident that we can improve its appearance past your expectations. Please do contact us if you're looking for a website redesign.

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